Follow The Flush is a participatory, public 5K walk that follows the path of wastewater from the UC Santa Cruz campus to the Wastewater Treatment Plant at Neary Lagoon. Along the way, participants learn about the poetics and politics of human waste, and the water required to process it, as they travel through several different landscapes that are hybrids of wilderness and human infrastructure.

The walk is a playful way to bring awareness to typically invisible material flows, and a creative way to engage community and promote water conservation and environmental awareness. Building off of the success of the first Wastewater Walk, which took place in 2015, the 2018 Santa Cruz Wastewater Walk is co-developed with the support of the City of Santa Cruz Public Arts program, independent artist studio FICTILIS (UCSC DANM graduates), an undergraduate research group within the DANM department, and other artists and organizations in the Santa Cruz community.